Tunes on the Sands

In early July we spent a long weekend in South Devon at Tunes on the Sands Festival. It was a great weekend and these are the product of some slightly inebriated film shooting.

tunes edit 1.jpg
tunes edit 2.jpg

The festival was at the beautiful Blackpool Sands beach which is truly breathtaking.

tunes edit 3.jpg

These Photos were taken on my trust Canon SureShot. It is a great pocket sized film camera that I bought second hand. Although the quality isn’t the best it is really handy and I like the style when shooting in a casual setting.

tunes edit 4.jpg
tunes edit 5.jpg
tunes edit 6.jpg

The weather was kind which resulted in some fabulous sunsets

tunes edit 7.jpg
tunes edit 8.jpg

Such a great weekend - roll on next year.